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    "Out of the Race"

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    Alternative Pop
    Alternative Pop

    A.Y.A, is the artist, always searching for total freedom with the goal of entertaining audiences worldwide.

    Her main interest in life has always been to create, in any art form.

    She is not afraid of genres and known for her solid hybrid sound. She moves genuinely between electro/hip-hop/R&B beat with philosophical, curious, and yet self-assured expression.

    From smoky-sensual singing to rapping, she attracts audiences with her expressive vocal style and broadness. She released her song “gravity” in 2018, it became viral on the internet, and ever since then, she has been giving us more and more.

    From 2019 to 2021, she released 2 full-length albums, 1 remix album, and 2 EPs.

    Her latest release is called “Out of the Race”, a cutting-edge and club-ready, diverse soundscape.

    It’s safe to say she likes to write a little provocative, she shows her unapologetic and risk-taking stance as a singer-songwriter. A.Y.A is one of the leading young talents who breathe the fresh air into the music scene.






    最新作『Out of the Race』では、ダンスミュージックから多分な影響を受けた幅広いサウンドスケープと考察的かつ大胆なリリック、意表を突くパワフルなビジュアルを披露。


    幅広い音楽への造詣の深さを活かし、インターネットラジオ「WREP」では番組MC を担当中 (毎週水曜18:00)。



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